Manicure & Pedicure


Mani Description

Pamper yourself with the full manicure package at Blu Ivy. We offer a luxurious manicure that begins with an exfoliation treatment and full hand massage to stimulate blood flow, minimize imperfections and improve skin tone. Cuticles are treated and nails are clipped and filed to a lovely even shape.

Once the hands and nails are fully prepared, our Blu Ivy staff will help you choose the perfect shade for your fingertips. Whether you choose a bold burst of stylish color or a simple and elegant French manicure, you can get the precise look you want. We offer a broad array of shades to coordinate beautifully with every skin tone and for every occasion. Throughout treatment, you will enjoy the highest level of comfort and care from our professional Blu Ivy staff. Call today to schedule your full manicure and give your hands the royal treatment they deserve!

Pedi Description

Dress up your favorite strappy sandals with our full pedicure package. Our pedicure options provide the perfect touch for special occasions and holidays. Begin with exfoliation that smooths the rough edges and removes unwanted, uncomfortable callouses. A luxurious foot massage stimulates blood flow for improved skin tone and delightful relaxation.

Once your foot is feeling fully pampered, our professional Blu Ivy staff gets to work trimming cuticles and clipping and filing nails. Finish off with a bold stroke of color in any hue you like. If you prefer, opt for the glamorous yet simple French pedicure, featuring soft hues you can mix and match to your heart’s delight. Our pedicure is sure to make you feel like royalty with beautiful toes you’ll want to flash everywhere. Contact our Blu Ivy staff today to schedule your ultimate pampering treatment.