Registered Massage Therapy


RMT Description

Come in; relax and have our registered massage therapist Marina Featherstone give you a massage experience that draws upon the teachings from ancient bodywork traditions, including Thai-yoga, Indian head massage, reflexology and Hawaiian lomi-lomi. Advanced studies in Esalen massage as well as her own intuitively crafted style culminate into a massage like no other.

The desire to cultivate a calm refuge through bodywork as well as inspire a more profound and meaningful experience of life is the purpose behind her craft.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, treatment artisan and aromatherapy curator, She is inspired to bring a ritual of deep calm and inspired beauty to your life. She crafts an atelier experience for calm and wellness as an artisan of rejuvenation. Each massage is her work of art.

Website and Contact

Phone: 519-619-9939

Prices for Massage Times

30 minutes for $50.00
45 minutes for $65.00
60 minutes for $80.00