Cosmetic Tattoos


Mani Description

Whether the application of daily makeup is a mere hassle or nearly impossible due to physical limitations, permanent make-up offers a long-term solution. The application of permanent eyeliner, lashes and lip color offer beautiful results for every moment of life. This treatment, also referred to as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation, provides a myriad of benefits and options for those who cannot or will not apply make-up every morning.

Permanent make-up is a procedure that applies natural pigments to the outer layers of the skin. The technique can be used to provide permanent enhancement to eyebrows, lips, eyes and even the areola surrounding the nipple of the breast. Colors are carefully chosen to enhance natural skin tone, to ensure a look that is fresh and beautiful.


The procedure benefits those who cannot wear traditional makeup due to skin sensitivities or allergies. It is also used by athletes who want to improve their appearance while in the pool or on the field. The procedure allows those unable to apply makeup daily, due to vision loss or physical limitations, the ability to put their best faces forward every single day.

The professional staff at Blu Ivy offers a wide range of options in permanent make-up. We provide permanent eyeliner to define the eyes, and lip liner and blush to add a rosy glow to lips. Eyelash enhancements create sultry eyes worth batting, while areola and nipple treatments offer a more natural appearance for women who have gone through breast construction. Clients who have had color errors in the past can also find an array of options in color correction from our aesthetic experts. Contact Blu Ivy today to learn more about the latest choices in permanent make-up.